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KLC is the designated exporter of Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) passenger vehicles to Bangladesh. Since the inception of KLC, MMC, had been one of the key partners in the growth of the company. KLC works in sync with its local partners and have secured major share in the automobile market in Bangladesh.

In recent years KLC have entered into a new and historical agreement with MMC in facilitating assembly of the popular SUV Pajero Sport in Bangladesh. This project will not only economize the cost of the said vehicle, but will also enrich the technical know-how of the locals, as we collectively are endeavoring toward possible localization of parts and fixtures. KLC, hand-in-hand with its global and local partners, MMC, Fuso and Rangs Group, is devoted in making contribution toward the development of the local automobile industry in Bangladesh.


In response to the flux in requirement of motor-driven pleasure boats, yachts and jet scooters, KLC has developed a compatible expertise in supplying such items directly from Japan. Japan is a haven of quality boats and marine equipment, and KLC intends to take full advantage of the situation. Currently, KLC is only involved in exporting used pleasure boats and jet scooters as per order. However, KLC plans to create stock based sales of boats and amenities to cater for the development across the map.


KLC has long standing experience in marine white fish, shrimp and cultured shrimp import into Japan. KLC has partnered with one of the largest deep sea fishing companies in Bangladesh, Sea Resources Group. Sea Resources has the largest fleet of deep sea fishing trawlers in Bangladesh with on-board freezing technology and is ISO 9001:2000 certified and HACCP compatible. Bay of Bengal is rich with quality fish and we can cater for large quantities of supply at a competitive price. For cultured shrimp, we work with one of the renowned packers from the south-west region of Bangladesh, Southfield Fisheries Limited. We have proven track record of quality shrimp supply, both in the categories of Black Tigers and Harina products.

Readymade garment (RMG) sector is one of the booming sectors of Bangladesh, and KLC being in a unique position of being stationed in Japan and Bangladesh is aiming at making the best out of it. RMG export to Japan is progressing at a high pace and KLC is determined in securing a share of this thriving sector. KLC is creating a consortium of leading quality RMG factories to develop an unfailing international quality buying house to cater for the Japanese clothing market.

Management Consulting

Management Consulting is a relatively young arena for KLC. One of the most pronounced billboards for KLC so far is the successful completion of the Pajero Sport CKD Assembly contract between MMC and the Government of Bangladesh. KLC played an instrumental role and provided global standard management consultancy in bringing about a common understanding between the second largest economy (now third) and one of the fast developing, yet struggling, economies of the world. Our unique command over the three languages, Bengali, English and Japanese, on a professional level sets us apart in many areas of management consulting between Japan and Bangladesh. KLC also boasts deep rooted experience in top financial and corporate institutions and global project management accreditations like PMP on its team of experts.


KLC is a big promoter of sustainable energy movement and is actively working with multiple parties in furnishing Solar Panel Manufacturing Lines, Energy Saving Lamp Industry and Wind Power Plants in Bangladesh. KLC has partnered with Rangs Power & Renewable Energy Limited (RPREL) and AK Khan Group, two of the leading business entities out of Bangladesh, to pursue the above projects. As part of Management Consulting, KLC is preparing turnkey project proposals including financial feasibility and operations framework for the projects joining hands with leading technology companies from Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.


KLC is working with Green Energy Solutions from Japan to expand the market of a unique and novel oil filtering technology. The discussions are in the process and this web posting will be updated as we progress.

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